Hello stalker , I want to play a game.

Sounds familiar? :)

Hehe , hello my favorite stalkers! How's your day? Mine was fine. Went for a picnic just now at Port Dickson with ze family before returning to hell in a cell. Hehe bukan wrestling okay but Polytech. Spotted some fish and Mr. Krabs. Wanna know something? I HATE WALKING ON THE SAND! Why? I'm afraid of the crabs and the tiny creature that looks like siput sedut with claws and legs. Ewww. Every time I go to the beach , I'll run till the water is deep enough so I don't have to step on the sand. I remembered back then. Baby took me to the beach. We sat on the sand , by the beach. Looking at the moonlight. He held my hand and promised me that he will never leave me. So sweet. Everything was picture perfect UNTIL ....

He caught a crab and start chasing me. I screamed as loud as I could and the way I run , I think I'll get 1st prize if I enter a competition at that moment. Everyone at the beach thought I was crazy. Screaming and yelling like a mental patient. He laughed at me and he apologize. In the end, he carried me all the way to the 'safe spot' hehe. Where there is no crabs and that siput sedut creature.

After sunbathing ,  ze family send me to ze cruel Polytech. So here I am now. Updating blog while watching SAWWWW! You like saw like I like it ? Hehe. Wth I'm saying.

Well here's ze story. I transferred some of cool movies from baby's friend into mine and I haven't seen it all. One day , I decided to watch saw with ze brother.

Me : Adik , jom tengok saw?
Adik : Ishh taknak ah seram kot. Nanti adik tak boleh tidur malam.

At first , I don't have a clue about the genre of Saw. I thought it's a story of someone that has special powers. Maybe he/she has a sixth sense , able to see ghost but I was wrong. The day that I discovered Saw is when I was chilling with ze boyfriend.

Me : B , saw ni cerita apa eh? Adik cakap seram!
B : Entahlah sayang , B tak pernah tengok.

30 minutes later .......

B : Sayang , jom keluar makan?
Me : Jap lah B , belum habis ni.
B : Okay-okay tengoklah dulu.

Me : OMG B! Saw IV ganas gilaaaaaaaa! Rasa nak kopak oooo!
B : Ishhhh , dye keluarkan otak dengan perut dengan jantung semua??

Hihi , tak lama lepas tu , I searched ze facebook for ze fanpage and I found it. And I said : " B , sayang dah jumpa fanpage Saw kat facebook! " B replied , " Oh ramainya yang like fanpage ni. Siapa yang like ni memang bodoh. " Then I pretend to cry. " B cakap sayang bodohhhh! Sayang dah like fanpage ni tadi ! " Then B pujuk. Tak lahhh , siapa yang tak like ni bodoh. Haha. He is referring to himself kot. He hates Saw.

 Ouhhh , dah sampai part lelaki gedang campak perempuan yang sakit tu dalam pool of syringe ! Catch you later !