Hello world !

I changed my blog title. Did you notice? :) Well I decided to change it because I think I've lost my ego and I'm finding the pieces of life. Some of you might say life sucks! But hey, everything happened for a reason kan? Like the elderly always say : Dugaan itu adalah tanda Allah sayangkan kita. It's true. If the negativity doesn't exist, what kind of life would it be? Don't get me wrong. My point is every pros has it's cons. So , every positive things that happen must consist of negativity in it so take it easy and never give up with life okay? :) Don't kill yourself just because you broke up with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Relax ! Like Katy Perry said in her lyrics , You said there's tons of fish in the water so the water I will test. You haven't explore the world yet , there's still many guys or girls you will get to know when you get older. Don't hold on too tight to your lover , in the future you will regret when you meet a better person. But if you are sure that he is the best for you , just go with it.

People said ,
Ikut hati nanti mati , ikut rasa nanti binasa.
Well, it's true you know. Jangan buat sesuatu mengikut nafsu , tapi mengikut keperluan. In some cases , you should follow your heart but in others, you shouldn't. Like Ustaz Azhar Idrus said , kalau nak ada gf , pasang niat nak jadikan dia isteri yang sah baru hukum couple tak haram. Tapi kalau tak terniat langsung nak jadikan isteri , nak jadikan gf semata-mata , hukumnya adalah haram ye. Tapi tak semestinya bila dah pasang niat tu boleh buat maksiat , jadi macam laki bini. Ala kadar je la. Percintaan selepas kahwin lebih indah daripada sebelum kahwin.

*Amboiiii , membebel pulak kau ye.
- Bila lagi aku nak membebel macam ni? heeee

Okay la, enough la for today and sorry for mixing bm and english. Take care and smile !