New year , new resolution ! (#1)

Hey guys , it's Monday , 1.01 am I have class at 9 but who cares. Let me type while I still can :) So , it's the 16th day of 2012. The topic for today is resolution or in Malay is "azam". Previous years , I have made many resolutions and I've made nothing out of it. The first few months I hold on to it but later , the resolutions were forgotten and words are only words. But somehow this year , I want to make it happen !  I am eager to fulfill my resolutions. A year older , new experience new environment. So what's gonna happen?

1. Grad with flying colors :)

Yes , I want to have a diploma in Engineering. Why? Why do I choose Engineering? The reason is simple. Back then when I was waiting for the UPU result , I was so anxious and nervous! Baby was so confident that I'm going to get Diploma in Secretarial Science which was my first choice. When I received the text from abah , saying that I've got a letter from Polytech saying that I'm accepted , I was so happy , thrilled and excited. But the sad part was , the Polytech is in Kota Bharu which is 10 hours from Rawang. Are you kidding me? 10 freaking hours? So , my baby called the Jabatan Pengajian kot. He pretend to be my brother and talk to the pegawai and asked for an exchange of location. To PD of course! :) Okay now for the ultimate  reason. I've screwed up a lot back then and I'm trying to make my parents happy by having a diploma. I don't want to waste this chance that God given to me. Why Engineering? Entahlah , dah diorang suruh. Tak boleh buat pun kena paksa jugakkk