Another day , another lesson learned

Hmm , yes this post suits me. Every single day , I had to go through shits and that shits turned into a lesson. I never believed in karma before this but now , karma is like my best friend and yes I'm terrified to death. I regret wasting my time. I regret wasting my school years. I regret wasting my passion towards education and I regret I gave up everything to a guy who used to be my boyfriend. All this years that passed by , was always empty and not meaningful. I envy everyone who has great lives. I wish I had theirs. I had enough of trying to impress, pleasing others with doing something that I'm not into and giving hope to myself that tomorrow's gonna be a better day. I regret every wrongdoings that I've made to other people especially my parents. And myself. I miss everyone that I've left behind. I miss my old life before I met him. I regret holding on to his words. He abused me and yet I gave him chance every single time. Why am I like this? Why do I keep giving him chances?