I find single girls..

smart and sexy. They enjoy life and secure themselves from getting hurt by those bastards and animals. Sorry for being to harsh. Not all guys and men are like that but mostly are. :) Don't blame me , I've been having a hard time handling you assholes through out the years. So lovely ladies , protect your heart from being broken. Save your tears for death of your loved ones rather that rolling it out for the useless unwanted jerks. It's not worth it. If you find something wrong with your partner , just split and continue life. Being single is fun. Well, that's what the said. I've forgot what it's like being single. I haven't been single in a long time. I can't be left alone. The consequences are the world is gonna explode and disaster will happen. Okay , I'm exaggerating but you get the point right? I hate being alone. It drives me insane. I need people to inhale and share the oxygen around me. Well, sharing is caring right? It's funny how love can affect and change our lives. Theories have been done and it seems that none of them explain the real meaning of love. Who in the world ever knows about love? Today you'll be head over heels in love and the next day tears roll down your cheeks just because he left you. It's unacceptable. Love towards the mighty creator has no limit , it last till the end. Well that's acceptable. For me , what's written by God is the best for us. The ups and downs that we had down on living land is to teach us how to live. Never end your life just because something came up not according to what you've planned. Nobody wants to be sad or heart broken. But you have to feel pain in order to achieve happiness and success. No pain , no gain. But beware of extreme sadness that you might be facing. Having an abusive or alcoholic or a junkie boyfriend is not cool okay? Don't fall for a guy just because he's hot or he has abs or he's rich. Search what's in his heart and what he has to offer. Sex? Say no right away. Money? You'll earn a lot of money when you're working. Endless love? Bullshit. Love will end at some point. Be with the person who treats you right. Knows how to make you happy and never let a single tear linger on your cheeks. Be with the person who lets you in their life and wanted you to stay till he's done with life. Once a guy mistreats you, hit you, slapped you or cheated on you , just leave him right away. 

But , everyone deserves a second chance. And then the third , and fourth fifth and it goes on and on. Then you feel sorry for yourself for letting him in for the first place. Never hesitate when expressing your true feelings about him. Be true to yourself and to everyone around you. I've been yapping like an elderly so maybe I should stop. Or shouldn't I? I guess I should. Wait for it , I'll be yapping even more in my next post. Kbye.