Ehhh , anak awak dah besar laaa. Bila nak kahwin?

Yes Malaysians , we get this a lot on gatherings from the makciks and neneks. I'm not whining and I'm not tired of it either. I'm actually proud of getting attention. #semua orang tau kau attention seeker. -.-' I rather be visible and noticed. But I'm kinda bugged by one phrase. "Ehhh dah besar lahh anak Lannn." Like seriously? My height remains the same (maybe grew an inch or so) but I'm literally this size since middle school. Every time when we had dinner with Siti (which is my grandma) she will say " Ina tambah la nasi , sikitnya makan patutlah badan kurus". My inner voice respond, Siti , you're looking at me without wearing your spectacles.

About the title , I do get that a lot on weddings. Typical Malaysians kan. They wanted to start a conversation and avoid awkwardness. My reaction? Teehee , oh stop it you. I always want to be sarcastic and say, Ha'ah saya memang dah besar and dah layak nak kahwin and naaaaaak sangat kahwin, asal? nak sponsor? Come at me bro. Kiddeng, takkan lah nak sarcastic kan? I'm a shy-down to earth-and the most polite person in the entire universe. -.-' Self sarcasm.

It's different this year and previous. They'll be asking about my studies. FACEPALM! It's not as great as the imagined it will be. Ohh anak Lan belajar Engineering kat