Another lesson learned , :)

Hey guys , Assalamualaikum :) What's up? Recently I updated my blog with short posts. Personally, I don't like people who update short post. The other day I was bored and I messed with my boyfriend. So that's the explanation of the short post :)

Okay so ze topic for today is BOYFRIENDDDDDD <3 I'm very much excited because today it's 3rd of March which means, 7 more days to go and RynRith will be 2 years and a half. Yeayyyy! Enough with that , what I really want to share with you guys is a video that I recently watched on youtube. It's a video of a girl expressing her love towards his boyfriend. The positive side of the video is I can feel that she really loves her boyfriend and she has the guts to make a video and upload it on youtube. She uploaded the video , then removed it because she receives bad comments but somehow someone has a copy of that video and upload it once again and I don't know what is the purpose of that someone doing so. I mean she has the rights to that video because it's personal. I know it's not a big of a deal to others since she's not naked or what so ever but it's giving her a bad reputation. Back to the positive side , she has the intention of making a halal relationship with her boyfriend. The negative side is she's way too perky and gedik on the video. Maybe if she just talk without faking her laugh and giving kisses on to the camera, then people won't hate her that much. I'm just saying. People love to judge and you wouldn't want to be remembered as someone who made something which humiliate themselves or showing a bad rep on public. Want to know the funny side of this story? A vlogger named Kyopropaganda send a video response. He hugged a domokun plush and acted gedik as if the girl is his girlfriend. And a chinese guy named Joseph Germani made a video response to Kyopropaganda which is very hilarious. You should watch the video seriously.

What lesson that I learned from this story?
 Well , I'm the kind of girl who likes to be all lovey dovey on facebook. Be in a relationship, wall to wall with ze boyfriend, sending cute links, posting romantic pictures of us. To be honest, I'm mengada and just want to be like other mengada couples. But then I realized that I've screwed up in the past and exposing our relationship is not going to change anything. Sometimes I'm jealous by just reading the news feed on facebook but I thought for awhile, why does it matter? Why do I have to be jealous. I'm grateful that God made me know Farith and even fall in love with him. I just have to focus on bringing this relationship to another level and one fine day, people will be jealous because we're married. As jealous as I could be, I just have to accept things with an open heart. Because God has written our journey and God doesn't makes mistake.

I'm thankful that my life isn't bad as others. I have a loving family, a loving boyfriend and that's all I've ever wanted.